Force of numbers will be one of our strongest assets. The terms of the franchise state that the bids must work in the interests of the stakeholders. You are a stakeholder, but they need to know you're here and that this is important to you.

Every name added is one more reason to keep the trains running from Pewsey.

If you run a local business please note this in the comments when you sign the petition. It's vital that we raise awareness of the impact a reduction of services will have on the local economy and that this is not an issue that only affects commuters.

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Below are a selection of comments from the petition.

Clive Innes - Devizes
If through services to Paddington cease from Westbury/Pewsey/Hungerford then we'll all be able to watch empty trains pass through to Newbury. Crazy!

Martin Bunce - Marlborough
As a director of Tin Horse, a business based in Marlborough, I am deeply concerned about the threat of losing these services and, whilst the arguments to retain them are diverse and overwhelming, it is the threat to my personal livelihood that I find most alarming!

Tin Horse is an internationally renowned specialist Design Consultancy, attracting clients from all over the world. We relocated to Marlborough from London on the strength of the excellent communication links, particularly to London and Heathrow, along with access to the rest of the UK.

Our business relies on the train services available from Bedwyn and Pewsey, on a daily basis, to shuttle a combination of our global clients, our own staff, and a key freelance resource and network in London. Removing these train services will be devastating to our business and may force us to reconsider our location to remain both competitive and sustainable.

I find it difficult to imagine that every business in Marlborough, Pewsey and the surrounding area will not be seriously disadvantaged if these services are not improved, let alone removed altogether.

I vociferously support this campaign to protect a vital communication link for our community.

Daniel Skordis - Marlborough
I have commuted daily for over 5 years. Over this time the service went from 55 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes with stops being added and times between stations padded out to improve reliability. There is already a terribly limited service for London in the evenings meaning for even an early evening client meeting you have to return to Swindon and arrive back in the early hours. Despite the large number of commuters that regularly travel from this growing hub station it has been largely disregarded as a main route to London. Commuters like myself have brought significant financial benefits to the local area, from funding local independent schooling to helping local building services and local shops and restaurants. Commuting from this distance, it is also not practicable to change trains as part of what enables us to commute is the ability to have a seat and work - a later change will preclude the possibility of being seated meaning that the journey is "wasted time".

Richard Pash - Marlborough
Removing a good train service would be like cutting a lifeline to the community... Crucially, this I believe is as important a long term as a short term problem. Many of our friends and neighbours in Wilton, Wexcombe, Grafton and Marten are regular train travellers to London, and good train access has brought many young families to the area. There are lots of examples of this but you only have to go to Grafton church and see the 40 children that have been baptised there in the last three years, after only a handful in the previous thirty years to see what is happening. Or ask any resident of Wilton or go to the Swan pub on a Friday evening to see it full of families and a big mix of generations

Georgie Hawkes - Pewsey
The Pewsey Vale is a struggling rural community and any reduction in commuters would have a drastic negative impact on our local economy.

James Auty - Marlborough
All transport links are important and a good government should look at providing more public transport to best mobilise it's citizens. Not taking them away!

Myles Dalzell - Marlborough
This would be a sore loss to our wide reaching community. Not to mention a terrible example of short-sighted, economically driven policy.

Rosie Golding Pewsey - Wiltshire
Like many other Pewsey Vale residents we chose to live here because we are able to commute to London where we work.The train link is a major reason for many people choosing to live in the area and it is a vital connection for many of our children as they grow up and need to access schools and colleges and university.

Alan Coxon - Pewsey
To keep direct services is very important, but we need other services too - it's not all London. It is ridiculous that there is no service to Newbury between 08:09 and 13:21, and then again until 16:25. Similarly, westbound services are pathetic, making access to Bath and Bristol for work purposes almost impossible.

David Panzetta - Pewsey
I use the train everyday and roving this train will mean it will be unrealistic for me to continue working in London. At the moment I have a 5 hour round trip every day.

Steve Hartley - Pewsey
This will only add time to travel to Reading and beyond and may drive me to use my car instead with the additional impact on the environment.

Duncan Gorvin - Pewsey
Without the direct line many commuters to London may be forced to move out. Other families looking to move out of London will no longer consider Peswey as their commute will be so difficult. The impact of this will be that local house prices will go down, and new built houses will be left empty. This would obviously also impact on local shops and services in the area, and have a devistating effect on the local community in the long term.

Brian Yeates - Pewsey
Pewsey's train services are a lifeline for this region, allowing people to travel beyond the boundaries of the county easily for work and leisure. The services out of this region need to be expanded to other rail nodes such as Bath or Bristol to maximise the opportunities of work in other areas due to the lack of industrialisation and big employers in the area, rather than cut us off from the rest of society. Removal of this service will drastically reduce the population of this large village as the London workers will all vacate turning this into a forgotten backwater and reducing property prices dramatically, yet we will still have to live with the negative effects that the railway brings with it, such as the noise at all hours of day or night and the pollution to our rural environment from the use of big diesel engines.

Anne Gwilliam - Enfield
Commuter who recognises the devastating effect that reducing the service will have on the Local and wider community.

Rachel Rosedale - Marlborough
We must make it as easy as possible for people to use public transport to cut down our carbon footprint.

Elaine Pollard - Chirton
The direct rail service to London from Pewsey is a lifeline to the surrounding villages. It would not be feasable to have to connect via Newbury as this would additional stress to the journey. The alternative would be to drive to Chippenham (30 miles round trip daily), which would not only increase one's carbon footprint but cause more cars to be on the road. If the through service at Pewsey is stopped, it is likely that more people will drive to london, increasing traffic to already choked roads.

Anna Gunnerud - Great Cheverell
I travel to work in London by train from Pewsey. The journey time is the maximum I can manage for a daily commute and if a change were involved I would have to pay for overnight accommodation inLondon. I cannot afford to do this so would be out of a job.

Ursula Osmond - Pewsey
I need to use the train often. Let's go forward to improve the service, not damage it. The local economy will be devastated if we lose a direct line to Paddington.

Peter Barker - Devizes
The provision of an adequate rail service to London has been a vital contribution to the vibrancy of the local economy in Pewsey Vale.

Edward Boaden - Pewsey
A broken journey to Paddington would be hopeless and make it not practical. Pewsey would become marginalised and cease to develop.

Sally Swannell - Wilcot
So many rely on this line for their livelihoods and ultimately so does the local economy. Without a direct link to London many would need to move to areas that do have this or their daily commute would become untenable.

Allison Bucknell - Royal Wootton Bassett
As a Wiltshire Councillor, it is vital to sustain our train services to support the local economy, not only for people who work in the area, but also for those who have chosen to live here and commute to London. To withdraw the service would mean that many people would have to find an alternative form of transport or a different job.

Helen Roberts - Pewsey
I travel daily to London as I work in The Royal Marsden Hospital. I rely completely on the train link to get me to work. The reason I moved to Pewsey was because it has a main line direct link to London. The train is also important to my son as he has a congenital eye condition which renders him unable to drive. He also moved to Pewsey because of the rail station.

Stephen Campbell - Woodborough
As a freelance Director I moved here because there was a fast train to London!

Francis Naumann - Tidworth
It's a valuable public amenity, and a crucial cultural and business link with London.

Marianne Marsden - Bottlesford
I rely on it to get to London for chemotherapy and other medical treatment I can only get at Royal Marsden

Charlotte Sparke - Pewsey
This is an important service that provides links to employment for People in the Pewsey Vale without which options are limited. People will chose to live elsewhere and economy in the local area reduce more that now.

Ian Myhill - Market Lavington
Having been unemployed since Jaunary, I have now found my ideal role in the Paddington area. I cannot do this job without the train service from Pewsey to London. There are countless thousands in the local area who rely on this service for their way of life.

Mr Anthony Bromovsky - Marlborough
I live in a village closeby and use the Pewsey to Paddington service regularly. My children go to local schools here too. The service allows my wife and I to work in the city whilst educating our children in rural surroundings. Removing the service will be also be detrimental to local house prices that are boosted due to the service. For the village of Pewsey, this is a great asset of which they are proud.

Louisa Macmillan - London
I travel between London and the West country on this line almost on a weekly basis (for family reasons), and Pewsey is of paramount importance for the people of Wiltshire who live near neither the Somerset nor Berkshire borders, and the survival of the local community. After years of FGW customers willingly paying very high prices, it is both unfair and unacceptable for direct services to Pewsey station to be left out of the ITT requirements, not to mention incredibly shortsighted.